Gabrielle Union’s Essence Speech “Fierce and Fearless”

Gabrielle Union

After watching Oprah’s Next Chapter  on OWN this past Sunday, I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about with the speech Gabrielle Union gave after accepting an award at ESSENCE magazine’s sixth annual Black Women in Hollywood pre-Oscars luncheon. I have to be honest. It made me fall in love with her even more. The first five minutes of her speech, after showing her bubbly, more jokey side, she lost her smile and you could hear the emotions through her more serious tone. She looked up at the audience and said, “We live in a town that rewards pretending. I used to revel  in gossip and rumors. I lived for the negativity inflicted upon my sister  actresses or anyone who I felt, whose shine diminished my own. I took joy in  people’s pain and I tap danced on their misery.” I don’t think I have ever seen anyone, commoner or celebrity, be more honest with the public about their insecurity or the need, we women feel, to outdo our sisters. But she did it. Gabrielle, I applaud you for taking this step in being so honest and truthful to bring awareness to the cruelty of women. And I challenge each and every person, man or woman, who reads this to strive to be fierce and fearless by being truthful instead of being cruel. Follow this link to Oprah’s page so you can experience the video in its entirety.