National Dance Day 7/27/2013

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“There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.”

I really do not think there are any words to describe what dance is and does for me. Only someone who understands stepping onto a stage, with an audience or not, and finally finding yourself at your most vulnerable moments would understand. The beauty of the body and what it does when it is inspired by music is something magical to witness. It is even more powerful when you are the one being taken over by the music. No need to front, to try and impress, no need to judge. The only reason you are there is to allow your body to speak for you. Happy National Dance Day!


Who Needs To Grow Up?

The Fashion Medley

tfmformal7.jpgtfmformal5.jpgtfmformal11.jpgIf it was up to me I’d wear flats and denim shorts all year long, which usually doesn’t help the fact that I look at least 7 years younger than I actually am; resulting in people not taking me seriously in important situations. The same thing goes for business interviews (and I guess it would have been the same for office wear – I haven’t worked in an office with strict dress codes for soo long) it’s so hard to look stylish and not boring within the limits of corporate acceptability.

That dress alone was too feminine for me so even though the weather was hot, I added the duster jacket. I’ve found recently that ANY bland summer outfit can be rejuvenated with a simple layer of sleeves vest, at any length. Hint: it ALWAYS provides a slimmer look too! And of course the name tag necklace, because you know…

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10 beauty cheats every girl should know

Keira Lennox

1. Mascara wands make the best eyebrow brushes. When its time to toss your favorite tube of mascara, save the wand. Wash it clean with soap and water and, voila, free brow spoolie! (Tip: ideally, you should replace your mascara every 3 months to protect your eyes from bacteria; see: When In Doubt, Toss It Out.)

2. Turn any eyeshadow into a long-lasting eyeliner with a drop of saline solution. I learned this trick years ago from Carmindy on What Not to Wear. Wet an eyeliner brush with a drop or two of saline solution (the same stuff you use to clean your contact lenses) then dip the brush into a powder eyeshadow and apply it like liquid liner. When it dries, it’s sweat and smudge proof and lasts all day. I love using this trick with purple, green and teal shadows for a…

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Martin Requires More than an Instragram Post: What Black America Needs to Do to Get Justice


“African-Americans can’t stop there; they must take a serious look at the state of our black boys, so many of whom — along with many girls and adults — donned hoodies over the past year and a half and proclaimed, “I am Trayvon Martin.” All the marching and protesting means nothing if parents, the community and others don’t insist that our black boys pursue greater existences than those of gang-bangers, petty drug dealers, thieves or murderers — of one another and others.” -Bolton

Reading the newspaper as I do every morning, I happened to come across an opinion piece from The State’s Associate Editor, Warren Bolton. After reading the first two paragraphs, I had to share this with you all because he speaks the absolute truth. Posting a picture on Instagram with a black hoodie pulled over your head declaring “I am Trayvon Martin” will not do anything to help this case. Social justice can only be attained by peaceful negotiation. Take the time to read this piece in today’s paper. Here’s the link:

Right On Midriff

The Fashion Medley

tfmlevis3.jpgtfmlevis5.jpgtfmlevis6.jpgI’ve found the perfect midriff from Zara couple of months ago, of course bought it online because otherwise it would have been sold out in like 12 seconds, but waited till this minute to wear it. I have tons of loose cropped shirts but I always approached slim fit bralet top with caution. There’s a thin line between stylish and trashy and let’s face it, if you’re not freakish skinny it may be a challenge pulling this off. But I felt pretty safe with this one since its mostly closed and has the perfect shape of cleavage; and of course with a pair of high waist tapered trousers. I’m too chubby to channel a Frances Baby Houseman.

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Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj “I’m Out”

This video is so DOPE. I am so proud of the self-acclaimed Princess of R&B finally making a comeback and showing us just how dope she really is. The video consists of about 6 different looks where she and the rapper Nicki Minaj dish out the lyrics to this “ladies anthem.” Of course, anything you put the famous Ms. Minaj in will be great and she certainly gave Ciara the edge that she needed to revamp her career. Ciara showed us some amazing choreography and reminded us of what great talent she has. There are clearly a few similarities to Keri Hilson and of course, Beyonce, in the video but Ciara definitely did her thing in this video and I couldn’t be prouder. Whether or not this song has anything to do with Ciara’s ex- beau, Bow Wow, and his new love interest, Angela Simmons, is irrelevant because this song could represent every woman in her audience who just ended a relationship. (How ironic is it that BET had Bow Wow and Angela Simmons interviewing Ciara last night on the 2013 BET Awards Pre-Show when she introduced this song?) BET knew what they were doing but the princess handled it with royal class with a nice smile, and artificial laughter. Needless to say, this video is the beginning of Ciara’s comeback. Like the ladies say in the video.. “I’m out!”