Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj “I’m Out”

This video is so DOPE. I am so proud of the self-acclaimed Princess of R&B finally making a comeback and showing us just how dope she really is. The video consists of about 6 different looks where she and the rapper Nicki Minaj dish out the lyrics to this “ladies anthem.” Of course, anything you put the famous Ms. Minaj in will be great and she certainly gave Ciara the edge that she needed to revamp her career. Ciara showed us some amazing choreography and reminded us of what great talent she has. There are clearly a few similarities to Keri Hilson and of course, Beyonce, in the video but Ciara definitely did her thing in this video and I couldn’t be prouder. Whether or not this song has anything to do with Ciara’s ex- beau, Bow Wow, and his new love interest, Angela Simmons, is irrelevant because this song could represent every woman in her audience who just ended a relationship. (How ironic is it that BET had Bow Wow and Angela Simmons interviewing Ciara last night on the 2013 BET Awards Pre-Show when she introduced this song?) BET knew what they were doing but the princess handled it with royal class with a nice smile, and artificial laughter. Needless to say, this video is the beginning of Ciara’s comeback. Like the ladies say in the video.. “I’m out!”


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