Who Needs To Grow Up?

The Fashion Medley

tfmformal7.jpgtfmformal5.jpgtfmformal11.jpgIf it was up to me I’d wear flats and denim shorts all year long, which usually doesn’t help the fact that I look at least 7 years younger than I actually am; resulting in people not taking me seriously in important situations. The same thing goes for business interviews (and I guess it would have been the same for office wear – I haven’t worked in an office with strict dress codes for soo long) it’s so hard to look stylish and not boring within the limits of corporate acceptability.

That dress alone was too feminine for me so even though the weather was hot, I added the duster jacket. I’ve found recently that ANY bland summer outfit can be rejuvenated with a simple layer of sleeves vest, at any length. Hint: it ALWAYS provides a slimmer look too! And of course the name tag necklace, because you know…

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