Bey’s New Cut Proves She’s a Grown Woman

beyonce-debuts-new-short-haircutBey's New Cut Shows She's a Grown Woman


It started with Britney and then shortly after, Miley decided to make the drastic change from the long beautiful tresses to a pixie cut. Even though Bey didn’t do it because life caused her to breakdown and cut her hair, it may be just as drastic for some of her fans. Well Bey is definitely proving to us that she is a grown woman and that she can do whatever she wants. Last night, she debuted her new blonde cut with deep brown roots on Instagram and fans all over the world began to repost her pictures. Speaking of fans, many of her haters began to put up pictures saying the reason she cut her hair is because it all got snatched out last week while performing on her “Mrs. Carter World Tour.” Either way, I think she still looks beautiful. Let’s see how many of her fans start to snatch out their Brazilian and Malaysian weaves just to keep up with the Queen. I’m curious to see how the dynamic of her shows will change now that she won’t have much hair to swing around and such. She’s still a great performer and artist… and now she’s definitely a grown woman.


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