My First JustFab Experience


I just felt the need to share my excitement with someone! So I’m sitting in my room waiting on 2:00 to roll around so I can go to work. Knowing that I need a new black bag, I go on to (Thanks Temily) and just start looking around. While doing the online version of window shopping because I swore to myself that I would never pay $39.95 for a bag as a college student, I happened to notice that one of the bags was only $14! Ohhhhh I like that price (: So I continue to look around to see any of the bags that I like happen to be on sale too. Turns out, the EXACT bag I was looking for was on sale!!!! I was so excited I had to call my friend and tell her. Then when I went to check out, since it was my first time shopping with them, they gave me an additional 50% off and they didn’t even charge shipping and handling! Soo… I’m thinking, the more, the merrier! Why not get two for the price of not even a whole bag that’s usually priced at $39.95. So I got these two beauties for only $15.00. Can’t you tell I’m excited? The first bag you see is a subtle reptile-embossed black pattern that includes a small front zipper pocket and dual top handles. The second one has gilded details that take this otherwise classic style to entirely new levels of chic. Rolled handles, top zip closure and a very roomy interior with slide pockets. So why am I telling you this? I want you to go and experience this for yourself! It’s every girl’s dream!! Thanks JustFab!!!