The Missing Ingredient

Homegrown Hostess


If you know me, you know I’m always reading.

I’ve always got at least one “self help” book going on my iphone during runs, in my car, or sitting on my nightstand near lots of other similar books.  You name it, I’ve probably read it, or have it laying around somewhere.

I’m totally into self help. I think most of us are. Plain and simple, it’s assurance that we can make our lives better if we can just manage to get our hands on the right information and then apply it. Quick take-aways. Heck, we all want life to be better, and we’ve trained ourselves to think that we can actually do that simply by getting the right tips and tricks for how to help ourselves.

Here’s the kicker: as much as we’d like to think we’re completely in control of our lives, there comes a breaking point where we…

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