Being an Inspiration to Others

Being an Inspiration to Others

If for nothing else in this world, I want to know that my life inspired someone else to be a better them. I remember hearing Beyonce’s song, “I Was Here,” for the first time and it is so true to how I feel. I don’t just want to live my life and not make a positive impact on the lives’ of the people who were around me. I don’t want to live life selfishly-that’s actually a big fear of mine. That’s why I love this quote. I want to inspire someone to never give up and live their life to the best of their ability. So on this beautiful day, inspire someone through the life you live. Remember, someone is always watching you and the things you do. Smile at someone, give them a random hug or compliment. You never know what small things you do that could make life a little easier for someone. The Bible tells us to do small things with great love.

I’m an extremely sappy person so I love leaving little notes for my friends telling them how much I love them and appreciate them being in my life. You don’t have to do that but let people know you value their place in your life. Everyone loves to know they are appreciated, loved and valued.

That’s all for today. Journey in love and light!



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