Dear Self

Dear Self,

Even if you don’t believe it, you were placed on this Earth for a special purpose. The light that shines so brightly in you will be used to make a way for someone else. So even when it hurts or you feel like your best isn’t quite good enough, look past the doubt and embrace the strength inside of you.

So often you look around and compare the journey of others to your own. That only dims the illustrious fire that lies within them. This beautiful journey is yours and no one else’s. Don’t you dare let out the fire in your eyes because someone is looking for it. Someone is looking for your smile and your warm embrace to relight their own.

You let those lips which have kissed yours speak everything but light into your life and throw you off, but you made it back.

You stepped out of the steam and removed the fog from your broken mirror to see the reflection of what used to be you. That mistake you made will no longer have authority over you if you wont let it. Simple as that, remember your worth and value.

No matter what is spoken to you, seek the truth. Trust me, you are worth the truth.

In the end, I promise every disappointment will be worth the wait. You’ve kissed some frogs but now it’s time to prepare your heart for the one who deserves it the most.

And if I don’t tell you enough, I am so proud of the person you have come to be. Your authenticity is inspiring and valued. One who loves so hard and so genuinely. One who dreams so big and works so diligently.
One who is always willing to put a smile on the face of another despite the fact that the one she wears hides so much pain. I admire the way you still find the courage to love after it’s been thrown back in your face so many times. It shows the warrior in you. Your resilience shines so bright and that’s why so many people love you. So love yourself.

I applaud you for being so transparent and not being ashamed of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Even on the days when you feel so small and invisible, remember you are fighting for something, for someone. And whether or not you see it, you mean the world to someone. You’ve grown into such a beautiful and majestic being. Adjust your crown and walk in the power and authority that is rightfully yours. Find peace in the silence and absence of noise that clutters your personal thoughts. They are only there to separate you from you.

Your strength and independence is powerful but there is so much  beauty in your vulnerability. Sometimes, the walls you build to keep them out only hurts you from finding love the right way, the kind of love you deserve.

Embrace the rain. Fight through the pain and smile because you’re doing just fine.

Warmly yours,



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