Life Lessons from Small Town, USA

Homegrown Hostess


 There are lessons to be learned from growing up and living in small town America. Even today, not everyone grows up living in a city-slicker, media-obsessed family that never spends time together. Here are lessons I’ve learned from growing up in small town USA. 

People are more important than material possessions. Family, neighbors, friends, and communities aren’t just a chapter, they’re for life. Our small town has been through devastating loss together and it’s amazing how we band together and look out for each other. We truly have each other’s backs.  

High School Sports aren’t a joke. The high school is the centerpiece and the pride of our town. People rally behind the it. You don’t have to be in the NCAA or the big leagues to have die hard fans. It’s an incredible feeling to have your entire town shut down and show up for you as…

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