On Wednesdays We Wear WEDGES!

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” -CoCo Chanel

Sh 27Let’s be honest. Every girl knows that wedges are the happy medium between the look of a sexy heel and the comfort of a casual flat. The versatility that this style of shoe provides makes it easy to pair it with a day or evening look.

When purchasing this style of shoe, always go for the neutral colors first. So black, white or a camel brown would be of the first colors to purchase. Then, after you have those you can go crazy with unique patterns and styles to add a POP to your outfit.

Look at the cute ones I found below from some of my favvie stores. Because of my slight shopping addiction, I’ve linked each picture to the website where you can buy them for easy access. Hurry!!! So you can still use the Memorial Day sales.


Just Fab.

The first item you order when you make an account is 50% off!!!!!!!!!

Just Fab Just Fab JF3


Free shipping on any purchase over $50!


Charlotte Russe.

Shoes are BOGO $15!!

Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe

Go Jane.

80% off Memorial Day Sale!!!

Go Jane Go Jane Go Jane Go Jane Go Jane




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