Dear God,

Looking back over the years, I realize how thankful I am to you for my journey. I have come to the realization that birds are born with their wings but not with the understanding of how much poThank youwer lies within those wings. And just like that bird, I had no idea myself. I thank you for stirring up my nest and no longer allowing me to remain comfortable in old places.

I’m thankful for the journey you have led me on and the rest that we have to go. I am thankful for my portion and the lessons of contentment it taught me. I am thankful for your grace that has rested on my shoulders even in the times I had no idea that it existed. I thank you for pushing me and teaching me that I had more inside of me. I’m thankful that you waited patiently for me to discover it for myself. I’m thankful that you’ve remained faithful to me even when I wasn’t faithful to myself. Your love is showing itself evident in every part of my life. Thank you for not counting me out when I felt like my best wasn’t good enough. Thank you for showing me that even in the midst of my solitude and invisibleness, you were still there and never planned to leave.

Continue to order my steps and allow me to trust that you know what’s best. Thank you for allowing me to walk in your will for my life. Help me to walk in your will for my life. I’ve come too far to begin asking, “what if?” Help me to trust you. Convict any part of me that won’t let me trust you. I’m thankful for “this” that you’ve given me to carry out. Anytime I feel like it’s too much, allow me to see that with you, I’m more than capable. Thank you for knowing my limits, but at the same time stretching my faith. Thank you for showing me that I am enough. That I was worth you leaving your throne for. Thank you for opening my heart to the deepest, darkest parts of me that had yet to be healed. Even when I tried to pretend like it was all fixed, you introduced me to me by healing me. Thank you for helping me be okay with the process. And understanding that the process is what’s going to help me be what you created me to be. Thank you for staying with me through the process. Lord, just thank you for the process. Thank You for closing the door and forcing me to deal with the hard stuff. Thank you for rescuing me and thank you for pushing me to stop playing the victim.

God, thank you for showing me that my broken pieces still had a place in your heart. That no matter how many times I shattered, you still loved me enough to stitch me back together.

I am humbled by your grace and undeserving of your love.


A grateful heart.


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