His plan. His will. His way

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus– the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

-Acts 20:24

 It is very interesting to me to observe myself and how as each day goes by, I become less stressed about what my plans are after college. I am now finally realizing that God has every little piece of my forever planned and He knows what’s best. As I am beginning to walk in the purpose God created me for, there is a peace that comes with knowing your forever is in the hand’s of the Almighty One. il_570xN.506941955_jplzThis scripture really touched me because it reaffirmed my belief that God is the ultimate Author of my story. I believe that He has a journey prepared for me that I, myself, could not imagine. Coming into college I had this complete layout of what I wanted my college experience to be. Now, sitting on the other side of it, I’ve realized just how much God has shown me that He is in control. No matter how in-depth of a plan I may have for my life, He continues to remind me that I am here for a purpose only He can reveal.

So many times the dreams and plans we have for our lives have nothing to do with why God created us. And then we wonder why things never come together in the way they should. It’s all because God never gave us that assignment or placed that dream in our heart. It was our own selfish thinking that made us think “I’ll work towards my plan for my life and God will still bless me.” We were placed on Earth to remind others of God’s grace. Not for ourselves.7415c82ab7d85cd6e5e3dc5aae0b9f8e

God places a special gift in each of us that should be used for the kingdom. The scripture says I will FINISH the work assigned to me by the Lord. Problem is, many of us never started the work given to us by the Lord because we are so busy working on the lives that we want.

So what am I saying? Each of us has a purpose burning inside of us. They are all unique. They are all special. But what’s most important is that we all have it and God is waiting on each of us to discover it and use it for His kingdom. Do your dreams work to tell others about God’s grace? Or is it purely for self-edification? Ask God to show you what the purpose is that He placed inside of you and help you to walk in it. It’s never too late for a #dreamscheck. 

I pray that you seek God on the very reason He created you and I speak peace to any part of you that discredits your purpose. He created you for a special reason. The light that shines from within is there to remind someone of the grace that rests upon you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the purpose and be prepared to fight through the process that comes before it.

Stay beautiful! God is with you. 



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