…a brief bio

Britt 3_2 edited_Fotorphoto

What can I tell you about me? My name is Brittaney. Two t’s, a-n-e-y. Simple name, weird spelling- yes, I know.

I’m an adult-in-training, part-time feminist, lover of everything marketing, weddings, and home and garden, receiver of God’s grace and I’m obsessed with chapstick, Michelle Obama and Disney. I am the oldest of two children, but my mother claims a million others as her own. I enjoy poetry, jazz clubs, reading, writing, food and naps. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I belong in the generation I’m in. I’d much rather listen to India Arie or Jill Scott than Nicki Minaj and her multiple personalities. I’m also the funniest person I know.  My mom and my sister are my two closest friends. I can be spicy at times, but feed me and I’ll be the sweetest thing. I have a whole lot to say at all the wrong times. What do I want to be when I grow  up? … happy.

I’m a simple kinda girl who enjoys the more expensive things in life, but doesn’t have the money to buy any of it. I aspire to have a million careers and like the beautiful Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe in pink, lipstick, and overdressing.” I’m 99% sure that I was supposed to be a Disney Princess, I just haven’t been able to persuade Disney to let me in yet. I have big city dreams, but I’m from the south-go figure. Everything else is pretty simple. Take this journey with me and I promise you won’t regret it! *winks*


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